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Giornali del Piemonte

From the 19th century until now, free online consultation

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, there are million of pages from over two hundred local magazines and newspapers from 1846 onward available.

For Verbano Cusio Ossola, there are the entire Verbano, Eco Risveglio, Prealpina collection, and the majority of the historical publications: La Gazzetta del lago, Il Giornale di Pallanza, L’Indipendente Verbanese, Il Lago Maggiore, La Vedetta, La Voce del Lago Maggiore, L’Unione, Le Rive, Lo Strona…

This unique and ever-growing Italian portal is the result of the cooperation between the Regional Council and Board, the library systems and public libraries, the Federazione Italiana Piccoli Editori Giornali – FIPEG - and the editors.

Local newspapers are a precious heritage for local history and to trace the fragments of our identity.
In addition, local newspapers are the only source that can tell the story of our places, community and people, day after day. Happy reading!


Do I need to join or register to the website?
No, consultation is free on

Will I also find recent news on Giornali del Piemonte?
Yes, the portal includes current newspapers and magazines

Do I also find today’s newspapers on Giornali del Piemonte?

No, you’ll find newspapers up to a couple of days ago. For today’s newspapers, use the digital library MediaLibraryOnLine

Can I download the pages I’m interested in?
Yes, you can download anything you are interested in in pdf format

Can I also look for article contents, or just for the titles?
In the search field, you can enter the words you are looking for and search them also in the article text.

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